Brand New Single ‘Right Side’ by Calvert Tay

21-year-old singer-songwriter and actor, Calvert Tay, released his debut single, ‘Right Side’, on 23rd July 2021.

This is a produced and released by AOR Global, written by Academy of Rock’s alumni and 9-1-Juan Studios owner, Juan Ezwan, as well as Calvert Tay.

Watch this Lyric Video for ‘Right Side’ by AOR Global, shot and styled by Jayden Tan and Josiah Chua.

‘Right Side’ is a light-hearted tune about being with someone you love, reassuring them that you are the right fit for them. While written as a love song, Calvert Tay also intended for the track to be a source of comfort for the listener that keeps them company wherever they are.

Calvert Tay is also an actor and the son of local popular actor and actress, Zheng Ge Ping and Hong Hui Fang.

Right Side’ is the result of his participation in the REACH programme, a joint initiative by award-winning, popular music school, Academy of Rock, and AOR Global. The sponsored programme is meant to support newcomers on their entry into the music industry by providing education as well as the conceptualisation and creation of the participant’s first release

Music to Calvert Tay is a way of expressing and sending a message out to people regardless of ethnicity and language. He believes that music can speak to the listeners, regardless of their main language of communication. From the age of 8, Calvert Tay picked up the piano and was always intrigued by music, but had no initial thoughts of pursuing it as a career. It was during the COVID-19 pandemic which he re-discovered his passion for music. He realised that music resonated with him so intensely, and it gave him a purpose of wanting to use music as a means of sharing his own ideals and messages to the world. In 2021, he became a student of Academy of Rock under their joint programme with AOR Global called the REACH programme, where he learned vocals, drums and bass and has been pursuing his craft since then.

Streaming on SPOTIFY as well.


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