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About the Author, Agnes
I am just a crazy fan of many female power vocal houses – Sandy Lam, Sally Yeh, Anita Mui, Coco Lee, A-mei, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Winnie Hsin, Cass Phang, Karen Tong, Kit Chan and I love singing their songs.

My passion with singing started from very young and my mum owned a music school when I was a toddler and I would always be at the music school.   I do remember that at age 4 or 5, I will always be holding a big-knob screwdriver and pretended to be singer, using it as my microphone and singing out loud at the balcony of our apartment!

In school, I always love to sing and jumped at opportunities to join competitions.  At 12 years old, my parents enrolled me at Golden Eagle Singing School at the old Capitol Building to learn singing but my classmates were all adults, so I actually learnt all the oldies like 船歌,夜来香, 春风吻上我的脸,etc。 I did some Teochew singing backup for the late Wang Sha 王沙  for his Teochew songs.   And I do recall performing at Getai 歌台 then.

In secondary school, I also participated in the school’s Talentime, emerging first for solo and 2nd for group singing. My first serious competition was for Electric Youth Singing Competition in 1988, and the craze then was Debbie Gibson!  This competition was organised by Zip Productions.  My friend encouraged me to take part and I was lucky to get into the finals which was held at Sentosa Musical Fountain.  Gani eventually was the top winner!  And in this finals were Dulcie Soh and Norleena Salim too!  It was really an exciting experience for me then.  We also had the opportunity to perform with Dick Lee and Jacinta Abisheganaden for that year’s Christmas songs at the stage in front of Wisma Shopping Centre facing Orchard Road!

Thereafter, I joined several singing competitions and usually would be selected into the finals, cannot remember the names, but one of them was Martell Singing Competition at Canto Pub (Marina South).

The biggest competition I joined was 1994 Pioneer Karaoke Competition and the finals was aired on national TV.  It was a tiring yet rewarding experience for me and I was also named Best Dressed for the competition in my red outfit (following the fashion style of my favourite idol, Sandy Lam in her MV 当爱已成往事

I had the opportunity to judge a karaoke pub’s singing competition in the 1990s too.

Now and then, I still sing leisurely at friends’ parties, gatherings or charity events.

Over the past few years, I had the chance to write quite a fair bit of lyrics and to work on more music projects.

Glad to be part of various meaningful music projects!

With love,


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