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I am glad to be given the opportunity to write lyrics for our Singaporean award-winning musician, Mr. Robert Wesley Seng.  He is a music genius who wrote the HK Hit and award-winning song ‘感冒’ sung by one of my favourite HK singer Karen Tong (汤宝如).

He also wrote and/or arranged many other amazing music for our favourite singers!

I felt so elated and blessed to be given this opportunity to explore and try my hand at writing lyrics.   And I managed to write at least 10 sets of lyrics in 2017 for the amazing music created by him.  I also tried my hand at writing Mandarin lyrics for a Cantonese song written by  The satisfaction for writing and giving meaning to a song with lyrics I wrote (hope the  lyrics make sense to you) is way beyond my imagination.  And I have the tendency to want to tweak the song to a positive note, for a happier ending, for a note of encouragement to whoever reads the lyrics or whoever hears the songs.   It is the amazing music of the musicians that we should all appreciate.

I am also so happy to lend my voice to some of the demos of the songs I wrote which are uploaded to my YouTube Channel.

2018, I started to write lyrics again upon the passing of my mum, and channelling my sadness to distract myself, I found that the lyrics just came easier and faster than 2017.  It gives me great inspiration to write touching songs, simple lyrics that everyone understands and can relate to.  I hope the songs can motivate others and make them feel positive.  Some may be sad songs thought but those are realities of life and we have to face it in a positive light!

This has been my simple happiness to share with everyone!

Hope you enjoy them too!

List of lyrics I have written and sung:

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