Alex To 杜德伟 Get Up 起来 – Live in Singapore 2023 Concert 演唱会

We are glad to have reviews by two of our friends/co-writers to share about the recent concert by Alex To here in Singapore! AL is from Hong Kong and have been staying in Singapore for more than twenty years while AT2 is a Singaporean. Both were so excited and enjoyed the concert thoroughly! Writer: AL... Continue Reading →

New single 闪亮的你 by Zec 钟志豪

We are always excited to listen and support new singers/songwriters and here's a really warm, happy and sweet love song written by Independent singer-songwriter, Zec. The sweet love between couples are the most memorable and like most Korean drama, this type of love makes the heart 'flutter'. This is how we feel about Zec's new... Continue Reading →

Brand New Single ‘Right Side’ by Calvert Tay

21-year-old singer-songwriter and actor, Calvert Tay, released his debut single, ‘Right Side’, on 23rd July 2021. This is a produced and released by AOR Global, written by Academy of Rock’s alumni and 9-1-Juan Studios owner, Juan Ezwan, as well as Calvert Tay. Watch this Lyric Video for 'Right Side' by AOR Global, shot and styled... Continue Reading →


Wrote this in March 2019 and finally did this.  A sweet love met with separation, but nevertheless keeping the person close to the hearts and wishing the person happiness. 深深爱着你 LOVE U DEEPLY MUSIC: ROBERT WESLEY SENG LYRICS & VOCAL: AGNES TAY 你的影子你的声音都不曾离去 我的关怀和我的思念仍依然没改变 你的辛苦你的痛楚我能深深体会 我只能祈求你会更幸福也不必再为我而担忧 虽然你不在身边 虽然你身在遥远 就算是要永别  就算是没有缘 我依然会把你深藏在心田 Chorus 只好天天想着你 依然深深爱着你 甜蜜的回忆 我怎能忘记 你叫我怎么不去想你... Continue Reading →

永远爱着我 – Always Love Me

Been a few months since my last lyric written.  This time round the music gets into my head immediately, so lovely music and beautiful title given by the maestro Robert Wesley Seng.  So I give it a shot again, wrote the lyrics in less than 2 hours.  It just came naturally thinking of how a... Continue Reading →

Believe in Yourself 相信自己 Lyrics V2

Believe in Yourself 相信自己 Lyrics V2 Music By: Robert Wesley Seng Lyrics By: Agnes Tay 遇见到挫折的时候 我只好默默的承受 好失落 走到尽头 无法再回头 还有 好长的路要走 我不想满怀的哀愁 只想要 有一双手 轻轻的扶我一起走 我期待   有一日      天使来临 伴我反省      找回勇气 我相信     那一日      已经在眼前 那就是    平静的你 CHORUS 自从 遇见了你     我动了心 你的温馨   把我唤醒 因为有你 有了决心 我找到       我的自信 不再灰心 相信自己 能够了却 所有事情 就应为你 与我同行 有了   这一份       恋情(信心)... Continue Reading →


WHY 为何 LYRICS Music By: Robert Wesley Seng Lyrics By: Agnes Tay 当我经过我们曾经熟悉的地方 当我静静想起甜蜜的你 好多感触 心阵阵痛 眼泪不停掉落 习惯有你每天在我的身边陪我 习惯轻轻吻着温柔的你 好多回忆 不可能回头 我从此就满怀伤悲 CHORUS 你为何那么忍心离我而去 难道我付出的爱没感动你 经历了那么多的事件 我以为你 会 很了解 你为何不肯跟我说个明白 却让我一直责备自己不好 就让一切事烟消云散 我祝福你永远都快乐 习惯有你每天在我身边陪着我 习惯轻轻吻着温柔的你 好多回忆 不可能回头 我从此就满怀伤悲 CHORUS 你为何那么忍心离我而去 难道我付出的爱没感动你 经历了那么多的事件 我以为你还会多了解 你为何不肯跟我说个明白 却让我一直责备自己不好 就让一切事烟消u云散 我祝福你永远都快乐 CHORUS 你为何那么忍心离我远远去 难道我付出的爱不能留你 经历了那么多的事件 我以为你还会多了解 你为何不肯跟我说个明白 却让我一直责备自己不好... Continue Reading →

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