Calming music for peace and clarity of your mind

I love all sorts of music and songs. When it comes to work, I prefer soothing and calming music. Japanese music has many such music, so beautiful that I felt there is a need to share here.

Our encounter with Japanese music started around the 80s. Throughout the 1980s, rock bands such as Southern All StarsRC SuccessionAnzen ChitaiThe CheckersChage and Aska, The Alfee, and The Blue Hearts became popular as well as J-pop idols like Akina Nakamori (my favourite), Seiko Matsuda.

Many Hong Kong songs were also translated to Cantonese during that period for various Hongkong popular singers especially legends like Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam to name a few.

Enjoy this ‘Angel’s Happiness’ (天使の幸福) Lyrics:恍多 Music:水澤有一

水澤有一 is an amazing composer whose creations are really heavenly sent. We have compiled a playlist of his music on our YouTube Channel too.

Music is a powerful tool that can affect our mind, our thinking, our perception of things around, perception about life, our moods and even determination to do certain things.

From my personal perspective, encountering music and singing since age of 4 has given me lots of joy and happiness. It also provides a sense of achievement and personal satisfaction to let my family and friends to listen to me sing and to be able to complete a song confidently, getting the tune right and remembering the lyrics.

As a child, I think it helps in mental coordination in remembering the tune and lyric. It helps academically as the brain is train to remember things easily.

It also helps to forge bonds between family members and friends, colleagues through singing sessions.

Different genre of music evoke different feelings and reaction, and everyone’s preference is different depending on their age, personalities, background and interests.

Music can also calm and heal the mind. Listening to music helps one to destress and singing helps to further reinforce the much needed de-stress.

Choice of music is important when you are seeking to destress or you intend to work on certain important work. Calm your mind with peaceful music perhaps without lyrics and take note of your breathing, breathe deeply to focus. Thoughts will come to you and you choose to focus on the positive things or outcomes that you want. Visualise with the peaceful music and with positive thoughts and a positive mind, it may actualise into the truth and reality that you desire. Try it with the playlist here.

Will be sharing more such music soon! Stay tuned!


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