Meeting Jiu Jian 玖健

I am glad that in my latest job scope for the past two years I get to meet our very own Singapore’s veteran multi-talented singer-songwriter, Jiu Jian and we starting working together on his music performances and the lifestyle projects.  We hit it off and I simply love all his songs!  Check out his Channel here:

Recommended by a mutual friend, also a talented show host and actress, Youyi, I met Jiu Jian Lao Shi and began to immerse in his music and books.  I started to recall all his songs I heard on radio and Channel 8 TV drama shows which were really popular then.  Even more amazing,  he has won several awards too.  As a Singaporean, I am simply proud of all our Singapore music talents especially the creator of music who are often at the back unlike singers who front the songs.  I appreciate the creativity and inspirational music which really needs great talents!

Sharing here one of my favourite song ‘Affairs Between 2 Hearts’ which was an award-winning song Jiu Jian Lao Shi wrote in 1990 Xinyao Festival. Listen to his crisp, clear voice! Totally mesmerising!

Jiu Jian Facebook Page:


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