From her frustration with ‘A Piece of Paper’ to feeling ‘Blue’ and now to her inner ‘EGO’

Debuted just last year November 2019, it has only been 10 months and 17 year old Singaporean singer-songwriter, HAVEN has just released her 5th single 'EGO' along with a new music video. EGO BY HAVEN Watch her music videos and we think she can act pretty well, and that is really necessary in expressing... Continue Reading →

A-lin Concert LIVE in Singapore 2019

Attended A-lin's concert in May 2019 with 2 super A-lin fans, Agnes (aka my twin  and Clara) but hardly have any time to update.  I hope I can do it more speedily next time!  But however, work comes first, hobby aside. My lovely girlfriends know her songs so well.  Enjoyed the concert from beginning to... Continue Reading →

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