Fly along with Shanisse Tsai’s Bright, Angelic Musical Power

When it comes to singing, natural talent can be heard easily and she is one real natural talent indeed! Pure, sincere, with an angelic and bright voice in her first new single 'I Can Fly'. Released sometime back in January, and we have been listening to it on repeat. You can feel the theatrical magic... Continue Reading →

Chance Meeting 偶遇你

Chance Meeting 偶遇你 Music By: Robert Wesley Seng Lyrics By: Agnes Tay Sung By: Agnes Tay This song was written way back in February 2017. Published on 3 November 2019. Available on these streaming or music download platforms: Spotify Youtube: AMAZON KKBOX LYRICS: 那一天我们偶然 的遇见 我就感觉 我的心, 一直跳不停, 悄悄望着你 你说我们的爱是  ... Continue Reading →

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