‘Count On Me, Singapore’ Music Video with new arrangement and an impressive 400 musicians playing their instruments to accompany Veteran Singer, Clement Chow

This song has always been on my mind since young. With its positive and motivating lyrics, we definitely can remember by heart. Whenever I sing this song, I feel proud of Singapore for how far and how much we have achieved over our 55 years. We are blessed and I am truly thankful for the... Continue Reading →

Believe in Yourself 相信自己 Lyrics V2

Believe in Yourself 相信自己 Lyrics V2 Music By: Robert Wesley Seng Lyrics By: Agnes Tay https://youtu.be/xbgMfHCJfm8 遇见到挫折的时候 我只好默默的承受 好失落 走到尽头 无法再回头 还有 好长的路要走 我不想满怀的哀愁 只想要 有一双手 轻轻的扶我一起走 我期待   有一日      天使来临 伴我反省      找回勇气 我相信     那一日      已经在眼前 那就是    平静的你 CHORUS 自从 遇见了你     我动了心 你的温馨   把我唤醒 因为有你 有了决心 我找到       我的自信 不再灰心 相信自己 能够了却 所有事情 就应为你 与我同行 有了   这一份       恋情(信心)... Continue Reading →

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