Dick Lee’s SINGAPOPERA – A Celebration of Dick Lee’s Musical Songs

Amazing songs from Dick Lee’s musicals at SINGAPOPERA! One of Singapore’s best-known and highly respected personalities in the arts scene, home-grown pioneer in musicals, Dick Lee together with his  all-star alumni cast and ensemble from the past batches of his various musicals, celebrated  Beauty World’s 30thAnniversary and Snow Wolf Lake’s 20th Anniversary in this special concert.  Paying tribute... Continue Reading →

Jimami Tofu – The Movie

Jimami Tofu, first local movie to be screened at Gold Class and completely sold out. This is by far the best local movie made, movie with depth - about treasuring relationships, love, tradition, culture set in scenic Okinawa. Excellent, touching storyline that brought tears. Beautiful scenery for sure and great actors and actresses! It is... Continue Reading →

Gimme Kiss (给我一个吻 )

https://youtu.be/RYbWkjk6WQU   给我一个吻 Rearranged by Robert Wesley Seng Vocals: Agnes Tay 给我一个吻呀 可以不可以 吻在我的脸上 留个爱标记 给我一个吻oh 可以不可以 吻在我的心上 让我想念你 纵然瞪着你眼睛 你不答应 我也要向你请求 决不灰心 纵然闭着你嘴唇 你没回音 我也要向你恳求 决不伤心 给我一个吻 可以不可以 飞吻也没关系 我一样心感激 给我一个吻 敷衍也可以 飞吻表示甜蜜 我一样感谢你 纵然瞪着你眼睛 你不答应 我也要向你请求 决不灰心 纵然闭着你嘴唇 你没回音 我也要向你恳求 决不伤心 纵然瞪着你眼睛 你不答应 我也要向你请求 决不灰心 纵然闭着你嘴唇 你没回音 我也要向你恳求 决不伤心 给我一个吻 可以不可以 飞吻也没关系 我一样心感激你 给我一个吻 敷衍也可以 飞吻表示甜蜜 我一样感谢你 我一样心感激 我一样感谢你 我一样心感激 我一样感谢你 我一样心感激 我一样感谢你

Sky of Love 天赐的爱  

18  July 2018 天赐的爱   Original Song Music By: Robert Wesley Seng Lyrics & Vocals: Agnes Tay (July 2018) Published on YouTube 4 March 2019 那时写歌词和唱的心情好浪漫  珍惜在一起的时光 现在心情其实好糟, 好难过, 心酸, 泪流, 无能为力 希望你平安开心幸福  https://youtu.be/lRqXXwPBJRk   走了半个世纪的人生 只盼找到真爱我的人 到底为什么 等了那么久的我 终于在那天能够与 你相逢 我们许下彼此的承诺 你只爱我不让我难过 你让我 感动 告诉我这不是梦 祈祷能永远随你直到白头 Chorus 这就是天赐的爱 永恒永恒不再离别 这就是真挚的爱 永远永远不改变 我不再沉默不语 我答应你开开心心 不再流泪 因为有你和我,... Continue Reading →

真心的朋友(True Friend)

Date: 18 June 2018 真心的朋友(True Friend) Music By: Roger Chan Lyrics By: Agnes Tay 在人群中,偏偏我遇见你 彼此都会关心,真心的 好好珍惜,我们许多美好回忆 想  起就会很开心 不曾有悔意 我很感激, 你无时无刻的鼓励 让我觉得更有信心 说声谢谢 你就是我最真心的朋友 每当我 心情不愉快的时候 你就会陪我 你总是 给 了我一股力量 更多的勇气 这正是真心真意永恒的友情 深深的让我难以忘记 虽然各分东西 期待能再相遇 真心的朋友 就是你  

Latest feature in Lianhe Zaobao

As part of my professional work, I am happy to always contribute my writings, my views and share some useful information.  I used to be invited by CLEO magazine to provide interview tips for potential job candidates.  As a business owner, I conduct my own interviews too and saw so many failed at first impression.... Continue Reading →

Coz of U 为了你

Coz of You 为了你 Music: Robert Wesley Seng Lyrics & Vocals: Agnes Tay Thank you my smule friends for their inputs on their thoughts when I asked them what they will do for their the other half.  Lovely and heart-warming replies that I gathered in this lyric together with my thoughts!  Love you guys!  Thanks... Continue Reading →

Maybe 也许

The kick is here to write lyrics.. my 2nd lyric in two weeks.  Again this is written in a span of 2 days, 1 hour per day.   This time round, I am able to grasp the making of the video easier with lyrics added. Hope you enjoy this.  This song talks about sometimes love... Continue Reading →

Meeting Jiu Jian 玖健

I am glad that in my latest job scope for the past two years I get to meet our very own Singapore's veteran multi-talented singer-songwriter, Jiu Jian and we starting working together on his music performances and the lifestyle projects.  We hit it off and I simply love all his songs!  Check out his Channel... Continue Reading →

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