Review for ‘ Sam & Tam Happy Together World Tour Singapore’

I am happy to share my reviews for Bandwagon Asia once again.  Thanks for inviting me to review ' Sam & Tam Happy Together World Tour Singapore'.   Being a fan of Cantonese songs ever since a young kid, watching Hong Kong drama on TV, I have been listening to many Cantonese songs and I am... Continue Reading →

The Nutcracker (Chinese version 过年) Ballet Performance

It was a really charming and splendid performance of 'The Nutcracker', performed by The National Ballet of China - their first stop here in Singapore to celebrate their 60th Anniversary with 65 professional dancers.   Post show at The Esplanade Theatre (Singapore), The National Ballet of China performing '过年The Nutcracker (Chinese version)' brought in by MyChinaChannel. The... Continue Reading →

永远爱着我 – Always Love Me

Been a few months since my last lyric written.  This time round the music gets into my head immediately, so lovely music and beautiful title given by the maestro Robert Wesley Seng.  So I give it a shot again, wrote the lyrics in less than 2 hours.  It just came naturally thinking of how a... Continue Reading →

Zombiepura Gala Premiere (Review)

Took a while to write this as I was not feeling well for the past few weeks, and catching up on my sleep to recuperate. Sleep is important so that our bodies can heal naturally and replenish our energy.  Work is more productive too with better quality sleep and great focus! I am not into... Continue Reading →

追 Cover

A lovely song sung by Leslie Cheung  张国荣。 And when I learnt two years ago while singing with some Hong Kong friends, I was totally amazed when I saw our legend is the composer for this song and non other than Dick Lee himself!  I had the most vivid impression of Dick Lee singing with... Continue Reading →

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