Alex To 杜德伟 Get Up 起来 – Live in Singapore 2023 Concert 演唱会

We are glad to have reviews by two of our friends/co-writers to share about the recent concert by Alex To here in Singapore! AL is from Hong Kong and have been staying in Singapore for more than twenty years while AT2 is a Singaporean. Both were so excited and enjoyed the concert thoroughly!

Writer: AL

What an amazing night with Alex To in Singapore! At the age of 61, he delivered to the audience what it meant to be a fun night and got everybody moving!

I totally indulged in his music when he sang a few familiar pieces of Cantonese songs. It striked me as it brought me back to the 80s… When I first saw him winning his singing competition and his eariler career. I was especially moved because I felt young again!

He looked pretty young to me and I admired his efforts to ensure his body is fit and his voice remains fit, as he has to sing and dance at the same time. The song came one after the other without much of a pause. How that could be possible for a person who is already into his golden age and yet he looked and sounded like he is forty! I really respected him and I think he remained so professional, he made sure he would not disappoint us.

For the rest of the night, I think it resonated with majority of the audience when he sang his Mandarin hits. It was indeed touching to hear everybody singing along and the climax when he asked everyone to standup and moved with him and ended with the song 脫掉! This gave everyone a chance to relieve their everyday tension, let’s just shout and sing together!

Though the encore was rather short with 信自己 , he made sure everyone of us leave the concert hall with our mind refreshed and live our life with confidence. Thank you Alex!

Writer: AT2

The show started with a series of Alex’s 80s fast songs. Watching him dancing and singing with the dancers, just felt that time had stopped for him! He was so energetic! Looks aside, he has kept himself fit which I guessed that is why he was not breathless after a good 10 mins performance. After a short chat with the audience, he continued a few canto songs he debuted in 1985 till the 90s. The audience including myself resonated best when he sang his mandarin songs like 情人,無心傷害,嫁給我 etc. It was a 大合唱 bringing so much fond memories of the younger days from these songs.

Half way through the show, he went for a change and it was a highlight for couples in the ballroom. A “kiss cam” focusing on couples in the room taking lovely candid shots and projected on the big screen. We had a good laugh!

Towards the end of the show, Alex asked everyone to stand up and followed a simple move with him. We had fun! Finale song was my favourite, 脫掉!We danced and sang along with him. Lots of sing-along, screaming and clapping throughout the 2-hour performance! Thank you Alex for such a great showmanship!


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