Fly along with Shanisse Tsai’s Bright, Angelic Musical Power

When it comes to singing, natural talent can be heard easily and she is one real natural talent indeed! Pure, sincere, with an angelic and bright voice in her first new single ‘I Can Fly’.

Released sometime back in January, and we have been listening to it on repeat. You can feel the theatrical magic in her voice. Presence felt and visualising her singing on stage or flying.

Very proud of this local production by AOR Global, and this beautiful song was written by renowned theatre music composer, arranger, songwriter, Elaine Chan.

Listen on Spotify.

was specially written for Shanisse, embodying an encouraging mantra as she sings about her determination to push through the adversaries against her as she works towards her dreams.

I Can Fly embodies the secret dream that each of us has inside of us.. to dare to dream, to dare live our wishes and finally soar to the greatest heights we have longed for. This is specially made more true in these uncertain pandemic times. I hope, this song will inspire and give hope to all who hears it:” – Elaine Chan

Follow Shanisse on her socials @shanananabanananaa

Follow AOR Global for more updates @aorglobalpteltd


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