‘Scribbles of the First’ – listen to kotoji’s Time Capsule!

We have been listening to Singapore’s indie rock singer-songwriter and musician, kotoji’s songs since her first launch and finally her full-length album is out!. A ‘time capsule’ of her early twenties, every song is beautifully written and is like a chronology of her stories with sincere and heart-felt lyrics.

We particularly loved ‘What Happens Next is Entirely Up to You’ which captured our hearts with its lovely melody along with kotoji’s excellent projection. We get to know kotoji better with this album.

Check out: ‘What Happens Next is Entirely Up to You’

We also are touched by ‘Behind Closed Doors’.

Please Don’t Do It’ released earlier is part of this full-length album. We had an earlier interview with her as well!

Do subscribe to kotoji’s YouTube channel and also you can listen to many of her original songs on her Spotify as well.

Follow her instagram too @kotoji

Photos & Artwork by Jayden Tan & Josiah Chua


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