CASPAR and Ines Lavigne new song -‘Looking for You’ is officially released

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer-songwriter, Caspar announces the release of his brand new single,  a duet featuring the soulful voice of Ines Lavinge in this uplifting love song, ‘Looking For You’. In tandem with the single release, the pair also debuted the music video for their new song, which was directed by Tom Brown.

Listen on SPOTIFY and other music platforms:

The song centres around the feelings of separation, searching for happiness and finding someone new and better, a very relatable song that anyone can simply relax and chill to. A catchy pop song packed with raw emotions about love and heartbreak.

Both Caspar and Ines are 18 years old this year and they worked on this song in just a couple of days with Caspar working on the melody and both co-writing the lyrics.


One of the most talented, exciting and emerging singer-songwriter as well as producer, Caspar who is of Balinese heritage and German roots, is born and raised in Singapore.  Being bilingual and multi-cultural, he appreciates different music and his dream was for everyone to like his compositions.  His musical directions are vibey, fitting the range of EDM, House, Pop, R&B and Soul.  Impressively, he has been making music since the age of 9 and professionally produced music for almost 3 years.   Besides being trained in various musical instruments, he has also received vocal training when he was 15 years old.

‘Looking For You’ is Ines’ first song to be released and she was totally excited about it.  She is currently a student at Temasek Polytechnic studing Communications and Media Management.   She is also a part-time model and a radio DJ for her school’s radio station.  

‘Since young, I have dreams of being a singer but I was not confident of myself as I did not have any formal vocal training.   I would always worry about what others might speak or think about me.  As a child,  I have performed during church performances when I was 5 years old and another time when I was 12 years old.  I was so afraid that every time I would cry when my parents asked me to sing.  I really hope everyone will like this song. Big thanks to super- talented Caspar for making this dream come true!  He has been so  easy to work with, giving me so much confidence and having lots of faith in me.”, says Ines.

“I was totally impressed with Ines’ alluring, bright, great voice and decided to write a song to kickstart her music journey. We had a wonderful experience working on this and connecting through our love for music. I would love to have everyone pay attention to her amazing vocal talents.  She has brought out much soul and meaning in expressing this song, especially with her natural vocal runs.  I am sure everyone listening to this will find this is a stage that they probably have gone through and can resonate with it. Chill and enjoy this one.   More works are in the pipeline to bring my kind of music to the world!,’ says Caspar.

‘Looking For You’ is Caspar’s 10th single and he has plans for an upcoming EP album real soon.

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Spotify: Caspar


Instagram: @caspar_1.12

Instagram: @inesslavigne

TikTok: @inesslavigne


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