A meaningful social cause #LOVEYOURSIBLING campaign

Happy to share more about this campaign which we saw several young talents with Special Needs and Disabilities (SEND) performing at #LOVEYOURSIBLING official launch along with exhibition of several interesting and creative art pieces, organised by Academy of Rock.

The event was graced by Guest-of-Honour, Mayor Denise Phua who made a strong opening speech. She shared her personal experience, importance of music and arts. She emphasised that #LOVEYOURSIBLING campaign is powerful and siblings of SEND should all be given support and stand out, don’t keep to themselves. “You don’t have to go through it alone.”

#LOVEYOURSIBLING Official Launch video – many in the audience were touched and contemplated even on their own personal relationships with their siblings.

Please help to spread and share this message – the importance of more support and understanding to be given to siblings/families with a member with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), encouraging more such siblings to speak up, join #LOVEYOURSIBLING to get to know each other, share experiences, foster greater bonds, grow together and network through other upcoming events.

Theron Lim sharing with Maddy Barber on his inspiration behind his song .

Listen to this special song ‘Cute and Special’ officially launched as part of #LOVEYOURSIBLING campaign. 20 yr old Theron Lim wrote this beautiful song for his 11 yr old autistic brother, Valenciano Lim. The song is about his guilt, uncertainty on how to relate with his younger brother.

He seeks to express his complex feelings towards Valenciano, projecting the whimsical world only his brother can understand and the realities of connecting to him as a sibling.

Theron Lim’s music is a sophisticated blend of an array of genres and a showcase of his deep musical knowledge. His creations convey his feelings towards himself and his relationships as someone navigating through the nuances of everyday life. His form of honesty is best expressed through his orchestral-sounding contemporary arrangements fused with touching, memorable melodies. He is currently working on his upcoming releases which are expected to drop in 2020.

This music video is shot from the perspectives of 11 year old Valenciano Lim.

Drum performance by 11 year old Valenciano! 👏👏👏👏😍😍😍

Performance by Mika and Moza, awesome kids from local celeb Norfasarie👏👏👏😍😍😍.

Performing ‘We are One’.
Haven, International Artiste (16 yrs old)
– Poh Li Jin, Member of DSA for 8 years (28 yrs old)
– Tan Chee Xuan. Diagnosed with Moderate Autism ( 21 yrs old)
– Teacher Mang

Music – the universal language that bonds one another, as shared by Ms. Anjila Lim, Managing Director of Academy Of Rock as the event concluded with an intimate talk.

Do check out these pages and amazing videos to understand better and share this as well.

Photos by Academy of Rock


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