10 year-old Emiliano Cyrus’ Special Tribute to all Mother’s in the world with his new single ‘Wonder Mum’ 《神奇妈妈》

New Single Release by Emiliano Cyrus, ‘Wonder Mum’ – dedicated to all great mums in the world this Mother’s Day!

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I have always been amazed by Emiliano Cyrus, also known as EC 一平,ever since watching him performed at the Singapore Street Festival last year in June 2018.  He was then 9 years old, demonstrated so much stage presence and confidence when performing on stage.   He was also interviewed by ChannelNews Asia last year as well as several local and overseas media.   Really proud to have such a talent right here in Singapore!

By then he already has a few songs under his belt and from that time to now, he has already launched up to 9 songs!  Amazing feat for a young 10 year old kid indeed!

Besides singing, performing on the big stage in China, he has also acted and is a professional kart racer.  He also dances and models as well.  He surely lives up to his ‘Wonder Boy’ personality!

And this Mother’s Day on 12 May 2019, Emiliano Cyrus will be releasing a new single ‘Wonder Mum’ which is sung in Greek and English lyrics.  He has learnt new singing techniques a new traditional musical instrument while recording this song in Cyprus!

To me, the whole song is just too beautiful, so melodic with such special musical arrangements that its feels really surreal and almost heavenly.  Emiliano’s angelic voice rings brightly and you can feel the calmness not just from the music but also from his pure voice.  I felt so at ease and kept listening to it and can sense Emiliano’s true, heartfelt gratitude to his Wonder Mum!  It is really touching. 

“Wonder Mum”

About the Lyrics (From Emiliano Cyrus)

Happy to share the lyrics I personally wrote for my new song “Wonder Mum”, as a dedication of love to my very own Wonder Mum this Mother’s Day.

Lyrics that describe our relationship and my love for her.
Lyrics that are from my heart.. Lyrics that have a feeling of truth, purity and sincerity. 
Lyrics that speaks right to all mothers worldwide for their dedication, unconditional love, strength of motherhood and their affection.

I chose to write about my Wonder Mum who is my inspiration, she inspires me to be strong, courageous and to always persevere through obstacles with a positive mindset. 

Thank you, Wonder Mum, and to mums around the world for continuing to inspire me in my music creations!


About ‘Wonder Mum’
Emiliano Cyrus recorded this song in Cyprus, and in this exotic world music, he incorporated a traditional Greek instrument which he played solo as well as sang in Greek at the opening of the song.

Special Trainings
Emiliano Cyrus spent two full weeks of his school holiday studying in Cyprus, including meditation, intensive vocal trainings, and the “dangling voice” of the dolphin sound. He also studied of traditional Greek instruments Bouzouki and Greek language.

He meditated in nature and open spaces, because it allowed him to relax his mind and body, entering a relatively peaceful state of mind, and get in touch with the universe. The tranquillity was liberating. Therefore, when singing the dolphin sound, it became more relaxed and transparent, reflecting more sense of ethereality and the powerful impact of sound.

He used a new type of singing and ethereal performance, dolphin sound, more suspension, belonging to a new type of true mixed singing.

He went to Troodos Mountains, the Salamis ruins and the Ayia Napa towns of Cyprus for vocal training in the nature where he was taught to combine natural elements of exploration with vocal training to capture the power of nature by his Fairy mentor, Zeng Yan, Golden Horse award-winning musician, who specially composed this song.

Picked up a new Greek Instrument, Bouzouk
Bouzouki is a traditional Greek stringed instrument, and it has become a “Greek mandolin”.   Emiliano likes its unique and beautiful tone, so  he decided to learn the traditional bouzouki which he will play for future stage performances.

Recording the song in Cyprus
Because Cyprus is an island close to the centre of the sea, Emiliano Cyrus hopes to radiate this deep and powerful music to the whole world from the centre of the earth especially more so because it’s a song for mothers and nothing beats the strength of motherhood and centre of the earth is a dynamic place which holds an incredible force and strength, almost like that of a motherhood.

Here’s the song lyrics:

Wonder Mum
Sang by: Emiliano Cyrus 演唱: EC 一平
Lyrics by: Emiliano Cyrus & Zeng Yan 作词: EC一平 & 曾檐
Music by:Zeng Yan 作曲: 曾檐 Music Arrangement: Zeng Yan & Bai Shuang
编曲: 曾檐 & 白双 Recording Studios: Soundful Studios & Cyprus Studio


Είσαι το φώς, που με έχει φέρει εδώ Eísai to fós, pou me échei férei edó
Eísai to fós, pou me échei férei edó

You like a light bring me to here

Όλα είναι όμορφα εξαιτίας της παρουσίας σου
Óla eínai ómorfa exaitías tis parousías sou

There is a beautiful view everything because of you and the love from you


Ο κόσμος γύρο σου και γύρο μου
O kósmos gýro sou kai gýro mou

The world around you and me

Wuuu Wuuu Wuuu WuuuWuuu

Τραγουδάμε μαζί τη μελωδία
Tragoudáme mazí ti melodía

We sing together in melody

Με μεγάλωσες με ηθικές και σεβασμό
Me megáloses me ithikés kai sevasmó

You raised me with respect and kindness


Τραγουδάμε μαζί τη μελωδία
Tragoudáme mazí ti melodía

We sing together in melody

Wuuu Wuuu Wuuu Wuuu


Sometimes that I feel the future just here

No matter where I am or no matter what I do the future just clear


Sometimes that I need to face the all

Wuuu Wuuu Wuuu Wuuu


Someday I ‘ll protect you with my all, same as the way you showed the concern towards me everyday oh
我希望我用全力保护你 就像你保护我一样


Someday I wanna be courageous like you

Tough as steel

WonderBoy Emiliano Cyrus is really making Singapore very proud!  Looking forward to more exciting work from Emiliano!

Meanwhile, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone, or if you are celebrating with your mum on this special day, do share this song with her too!


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