Review for ‘ Sam & Tam Happy Together World Tour Singapore’

I am happy to share my reviews for Bandwagon Asia once again.  Thanks for inviting me to review ‘ Sam & Tam Happy Together World Tour Singapore’.  


Being a fan of Cantonese songs ever since a young kid, watching Hong Kong drama on TV, I have been listening to many Cantonese songs and I am familiar with most of the singers and their songs.

Read the details on these two links, in both English and Mandarin.

English Review 
Mandarin Review 

Snippets of the concert are posted to my YouTube too for my own keepsake.

Check this out!  So fun!

They just finished performing in Macau. I am amazed by both their high energy at their age!  Such strong voices and great attitude to their performances, something that we all should learn to apply in our daily lives, to keep learning and be actively engaged in positive and meaningful activities even as we age.  To me they are exemplary, and I felt there is no limits to ageing, just enjoy and continue singing happily!

Photos provided by Bandwagon.


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