Zombiepura Gala Premiere (Review)

Took a while to write this as I was not feeling well for the past few weeks, and catching up on my sleep to recuperate. Sleep is important so that our bodies can heal naturally and replenish our energy.  Work is more productive too with better quality sleep and great focus!

I am not into Zombies as I prefer to watch stuff that are REAL and not FAKE. Likewise with people I know, I dislike fake people totally and will stay away from them.

Anyway, we are always supportive of local production and I have watched Train to Busan previously which held me in so much suspense and it is the relationship, the feeling of not wanting to part from your loved ones, not wanting to hurt the loved ones that touched me.

At the gala premiere before the movie commenced, the producers and the cast met the audience to share how they came about working on Zomebiepura for 7 years.  A lot of thoughts has been put into the storyline to make it a Singapore-style Zombie story and to weave it into our army story.

Happy to see the beautiful pal Sherry Tan 陈秀环 (Chen Xiuhuan).  She is still looking so trim, elegant and pretty! And so natural looking just like her peak in the 80s when she acted in Singapore’s very first few TV Drama. Most impressive and memorable back then was her first acting in ‘Star Maiden’.

Check out Star Maiden Theme Song, do you remember this song?  The title is also ‘爱是永恒‘!  Very nice catchy tune!

Read more about Sherry on these links:


Back to Zombiepura….. I find it a bit similar to ‘Ah Boys 2 Men’  in terms of our SG army storyline. Nevertheless, I must say it is never boring to have a good laugh at some of our original SG army jokes, so authentic, so uniquely Singaporean! Just like Army Daze, the Army lingo –  only we Singaporeans or those who have stayed here long enough will understand.  It is our way of life reflecting our multi-racial and multi-culture lifestyle where all the races live together, work together to build our nation and being a small country, we gotta be always ready and strong, to have our army ever ready to protect us.

So guys out there, especially young boys must be proud and strong, to be man enough to protect our country and our loved ones!  On a serious note, the army is to be respected and all guys should be proud and able to complete their National Service.   Why do I say this, well I was from the National Cadet Corps during my secondary school and always curious about army life, it was rewarding and enjoyable throughout my CCA years as a great form of self-discipline and responsibility.

I believe this serious 7 years production – has deep thoughts to have the army storyline in this sense.  That is the KEY MESSAGE, if I am correct.

Using zombies is to engage the younger audience in this sense (target marketing)  and humour for entertainment.   I love the jokes, I love to watch Sherry Tan of course! And was impressed with Alaric speaking in Mandarin! Left me a great impression and he is bilingual!  He is witty for this character and used his gaming experience to solve many problems which his senior was not able to resolve (acted by Benjamin Heng – a super ON superior).  But ultimately in times of crisis, all differences were put aside to ‘conquer the war’ – in total unity.   Both of them are great actors!  And I have always enjoyed Alaric’s acting in The Noose.

Check out Alaric in this episode of The Noose:

The plot for Zombiepura was a bit predictable hence to me there was not so much of a suspense but the makeup effects on the zombies were brilliant!  All the extras acting as zombies were pretty cool too!  In fact the cast acted very well!

However, I was hoping to see more solutions given to the ‘problem’ of zombies to have a better conclusion to the movie.  Maybe in future a movie on real case virus, calamity in SG would be interesting and how we as a nation together resolve the issue.


It was also great catching up with beautiful Sherry Tan over tea together with another of our veteran actress Hong Hui Fang recently. Looking forward to more great shows from the sisters!



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