Mariah Carey Concert 2018 in Singapore

I was so glad that I did not miss Mariah Carey's concert in Singapore on 3 November 2018.  My schedule was pretty busy and I was contemplating whether to buy tickets when it was launched.  And I admitted I was quite guilty to have this thought that she might not sing well due to the... Continue Reading →

永远爱着我 – Always Love Me

Been a few months since my last lyric written.  This time round the music gets into my head immediately, so lovely music and beautiful title given by the maestro Robert Wesley Seng.  So I give it a shot again, wrote the lyrics in less than 2 hours.  It just came naturally thinking of how a... Continue Reading →

Zombiepura Gala Premiere (Review)

Took a while to write this as I was not feeling well for the past few weeks, and catching up on my sleep to recuperate. Sleep is important so that our bodies can heal naturally and replenish our energy.  Work is more productive too with better quality sleep and great focus! I am not into... Continue Reading →

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