Jimami Tofu – The Movie

Jimami Tofu, first local movie to be screened at Gold Class and completely sold out. This is by far the best local movie made, movie with depth – about treasuring relationships, love, tradition, culture set in scenic Okinawa. Excellent, touching storyline that brought tears. Beautiful scenery for sure and great actors and actresses! It is very real, natural, not pretentious, tastefully done, meaningful well-written script with a touch of humor as well. There are values to take away from this movie. Beautiful closure at the end with such melodious music composed by Jason Chan, accompanying the graceful diving by actress Rino. We are really impressed and can see the passion in this work. Especially when I just came back from Okinawa, There is just a special feeling for these simple homely Okinawan dishes. Feeling really proud of our very own Singapore production by Bananmana Films! I want to try the Jimami Tofu soon!
(Many thanks to Annie for the invite!)

刚从冲绳岛回来,昨晚看了这部本地制作的电影,感到非常骄傲! 导演,演员,剧本,拍摄, 都很有水准,好想再回去。 已经在外国得了奖 – 真替他们高兴。 故事好动人,有意义,值得看了又看,加上演员们演技一流,很自然,稿写得好棒,感动也有,搞笑也有, 爱情,亲情,友情,人情都有! 加上美丽的风景,垂涎三尺的冲绳岛家常菜,都是用心煮的,非常精致。我们在冲绳岛吃那几道菜时,也有同感,很珍惜每一道菜。 那些菜肴真的有特殊的感觉,味道! 只有 Jimami Tofu(Peanut Tofu) 我们没试过,好想马上飞回去吃和再去欣赏风景! 连他们最基本的豆腐都已经很好吃了,这个Jimami Tofu must go and try! 你也一定要看这部电影! 



Jimami Tofu has won the Audience Choice Award for Best Narrative Feature Film at the 37th Hawaii International Film Festival.   They sold out all their festivals screenings at  CAAMFest (San Francisco Asian American Film Festival), LA Asian American Film Festival and Okinawa International Film Festival.

And it is also getting theatrical release in Okinawa, Japan, and Taiwan In September and China for TV, cable and online.

Jason Chan – interesting to know he was the Green Power Ranger!  


So relaxing and comfy at Golden Village Gold Class, great enjoyment sipping my Hazelnut Latte and TWG tea while watching such a great movie!  All sold-out amazing!

Check out the Trailer:


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