Latest feature in Lianhe Zaobao

As part of my professional work, I am happy to always contribute my writings, my views and share some useful information.  I used to be invited by CLEO magazine to provide interview tips for potential job candidates.  As a business owner, I conduct my own interviews too and saw so many failed at first impression. It is thus important to put your best front forward, be it on your daily life, work, even meeting friends, on social media, and definitely PUT YOUR BEST FORWARD for your dream job!  Unless you feel your job is just nothing special, something to just to get you going, a salary to draw, there are simply no other reason to work… then your MINDSET is already FAILING YOU.

We are all born to work – understand the meaning of WORK!

We work to contribute our services to the company, the public and ensure we provide good end product/service.  All small things adds up to the bigger picture.  Each single job in this world has some real meaning that you are contributing to the goodness of your society.  Have you put deep thoughts into your work?  How does your work benefit the end consumer?

I do so with my WORK and I do so with my pastimes. Just like my hobby – singing, I want to sing properly and make sure I get it quite right and express the feelings of the songs.

Many thanks to Lianhe Zaobao for this invitation to share my views.

Happy Job Searching if you are doing so!  Go with a Positive and Cheerful Mind!


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