Review for Frances Yip ‘Fabulous at 70’ 2018 Concert in Singapore

I was really honoured to be invited to Frances Yip 'Fabulous at 70' 2018 Concert on 7 April 2018 at Resorts World Convention Hall.  To listen to the biggest voice 'LIVE', can you imagine? Growing up listening to her songs and watching the the popular HK drama series '上海滩‘ (The Bund) on TV, this song... Continue Reading →

Coz of U 为了你

Coz of You 为了你 Music: Robert Wesley Seng Lyrics & Vocals: Agnes Tay Thank you my smule friends for their inputs on their thoughts when I asked them what they will do for their the other half.  Lovely and heart-warming replies that I gathered in this lyric together with my thoughts!  Love you guys!  Thanks... Continue Reading →

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